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Cangzhou Great Drill Bits Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, which specializes in PDC bits development, designed sales. It is one of the biggest PDC drill bit manufacturing companies in Asia and is qualified as supplier for CNPC, Sinopec and CNOOC.

Cangzhou Great is located in Jizhong Plain which is the heartland of North China oil fields, east of Victory oilfield, west of Changqing oilfield, south of Zhongyuan oilfield. The company, with modern plants and advanced produ-ction equipment, has the capability to produce more than 10000 of the drill bits from size 3” ~ 26”.

The technological talent and the high quality product have clearly been the two most important factors. The co-mpany has build a professional team of production development, design, sales and management, the scale of professional people have been beyond 36%. Great has also employed famous experts as product development consultant and build technical service and development center platform to keep supporting production innova-tion and company technology progress.

The company has always focused on quality by advanced technology and high-efficiency management. To make sure our bits quality stable and excellent we produce as per “8S” and execute according to the ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004, API Spec7-1. Now Great has established strategic corporation relationship with all the oil-fields in China, also sold products to America, Russia, Mid-east, Indonesia and so on.

To promote the national drilling industry developing and improving, Great have always been staunchly insistingon going on the specialized producing road with idea “Pursuing Innovation and changes for win-win and excell-ence”, integrating into global market and walking towards better and higher target!


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